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Stainless Steel surfaces Comparison
Stainless Steel surfaces Comparison

Stainless Steel Surfaces Comparison.

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Matte finish with a rough texture.
Often retains surface imperfections from hot rolling
Appearance Smooth, bright, and reflective surface. Has a mirror-like quality, enhancing visual appeal
Exhibits a linear texture caused by the rolling process, with variations and surface irregularities Texture Uniform, smooth surface free of any linear texture or irregularities
improved corrosion resistance compared to untreated hot-rolled steel but may not be as corrosion-resistant as other finishes due to surface imperfections Corrosion
Offers enhanced corrosion resistance. The cold-rolling process refines the surface, removing scale and oxide layers, making it suitable for applications requiring high corrosion resistance
where appearance is less critical, and cost-effective corrosion resistance is a primary consideration: industrial settings Applications requiring a visually appealing, smooth, and highly corrosion resistant surface: food industry, architectural elements, kitchen appliances

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