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2023 Milestones Report
2023 Milestones Report

Join us as we reflect on the past year's triumphs, showcasing the significant milestones achieved by our dedicated team. Celebrate the successes that shaped our journey and anticipate the exciting ventures that lie ahead. Dive into the essence of our collective achievements and be part of the narrative of growth and accomplishment. Read now for a glimpse into the remarkable strides made by Krogman in 2023!


    +17,600 tonnes supplied
    +1,240 deliveries executed

Product Distribution Breakdown:
    57% Prime Sheets
    32% Prime Coils
    3% Bars/Tubes
    5% Second-Grade
    3% Other metallurgical materials

Client Distribution Breakdown:
    217 Diverse Clients Served
    in 32 international markets
    with 4 new countries' markets

Global Expansion:
    Italy, Canada, Morocco